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About Jonathan

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I am a music nut, a pinball geek, an 80s kid, and a Colorado transplant.  I feel most alive when I'm being creative and I really like making people laugh.  Maybe that's why I still wear this exact outfit when I bike around town. 

My career started in radio and I still love the medium.  Radio gave me a chance to write copy and produce audio every day.  After I left, I filled the void with my mixtape series DETOUR and later, a visual art project based on LP artwork called HiFi Jones.

You might have predicted I'd get into voiceover if you saw how many times I recorded the outgoing message for our answering machine growing up.  Even though I'm an introvert, I like to perform and goof around-- and a quiet room with space for one person and a mic is kinda the perfect setting for me.

It's a bit cliche to express gratitude these days, but for me: it's real.  I can't imagine a much better life for myself.  Hope we get to work together on something!

Super cool from birth.
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